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About Us


How we began…


Survivors, Inc. started as a group of local women who came together to provide support and discussion to one another as a result of their individual experiences with violence. This first meeting occurred September of 1982, and the recurrent thread was one of survival. The group formalized and took a name, Survivors, to honor that theme in their work together. Following the initial gathering, a needs assessment was conducted among human service agencies and other professionals, and at that time 759 women had accessed those organizations seeking help from battering in a 12 month period. Recognizing an unmet need, the volunteer group mobilized. A short time later Survivors incorporated, applied for tax exempt status and sought to be recognized as a nonprofit organization.

At this point, the first training for volunteer advocates and hotline workers was completed by 47 community members, both men and women. June 1983 marked the implementation of the 24-hour hotline. The Board of Directors decided in December of 1985 to extend its services to include victims of sexual assault in collaboration with the district attorney’s office. Additional training on sexual assault issues was offered to staff and volunteers. Survivors then became a member of the local Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) policy board as a result of that collaboration, setting the stage for increased capacity and growth. 1985 was also the year that Survivors, Inc. was funded by Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Ten years later Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape answered Survivors request for funding.

Collaboration continues to be one of the strengths of Survivors, Inc.; from our beginnings as a grassroots organization to our more formalized partnerships of today. We could not exist without the ongoing and generous support of the community and the cooperative relationships that ensure our success- such as our work with Gettysburg Hospital, the criminal justice system, and the local human services agencies just to name a few. As we look to the future, this is an exciting and challenging time of change and growth so Survivors can continue to meet the needs of those impacted by domestic and sexual violence in our community in an empowering, client centered and driven manner.