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Community Education

Primary Prevention

Where We Live

Where We Live is a research-based primary prevention program that provides parents and other caring adults with the opportunity to discuss safety and boundaries with their children, identify bystander behaviors that will help keep children safe, increase knowledge about child sexual abuse and build skills to intervene to protect children.

This curriculum focuses on the responsibility of adults to keep children safe and prevent child sexual abuse. Adults must build the skills to talk to other adults about inappropriate behavior and intervene to keep children safe and prevent child sexual abuse.


Expect Respect

The Expect Respect program provides a series of three classroom presentations for middle and high school youth on the topics of dating violence and sexual assault (Presentation One), sexual harassment (Presentation Two), and healthy relationships (Presentation Three). Sessions are designed to engage students in activities and discussion with their peers. The goals are to increase awareness, stimulate dialogue, and help youth increase their confidence in taking action to prevent abuse and harassment on campus and in their personal relationships.


The Red Zone


What is the Red Zone?
The Red Zone is named for the first 6 weeks of college freshman year when students are at high risk for sexual assault and violent crime.

  • Young women ages 16-19 are 4 times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault
  • 95% of violent campus crimes are alcohol or drug related


Why does this happen on college campuses?

College is full of exciting “firsts.” With so many opportunities for meeting new people at parties and events, students often let their guard down or are drinking and among strangers. Perpetrators of sexual violence know this and take advantage of individuals they consider easy targets.

What can we do?

Educate! Survivors, Inc. has an educational presentation ready for graduating high school seniors – girls and boys – focusing on:

  • Personal safety
  • Bystander intervention
  • What to do if you are victimized
  • How to help a friend who is a victim


To schedule a program or for a complete list of programs we offer, please contact our Community Educator, Esther Waybright, at or 717-334-0589 x107.


Volunteer Training


Volunteers are an essential part of our organization! We have positions for dedicated folks who want to assist with the following: Events and community education services, client services such as support group and children’s activities, coordination of volunteer services, fundraising and planning committees, technology, marketing, and social networking. Contact our administrative offices at (717) 334-0589 to get more information.  Or, there are two easy ways to apply:


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